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Making the world sweeter, one booty at a time.

Welcome to theBAKESHOP®, a physical and spiritual fitness brand focused on the foundational pillars of MIND.BOOTY.SOUL


Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

On Demand

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.

In Person

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


The Sand Studio Experience

The Sand Studio experience combines hot yoga, beach landscape, expansive breathwork and different yoga lineages to create a deep, detoxifying and transformational practice.

Sand Studio is designed to utilize ancient techniques with New Earth healing practices, whilst spreading the Aloha Spirit all over the planet.

Lotus also teaches classes in LA, Hawaii and globally.



CAKES Booty Class

This 45min cardio+cakes class, all set to music will keep you sweating and baking those CAKES to perfection! We work in layers in this class, like the layers of a cake! From the foundation layers on the floor, into standing layers all using the booty band to give those cakes an extra pop! From there we work into abs+arms, and HIIT pieces. Finally we end it all with a barre style piece, called the “Icing,” finishing off the cakes just right. After a quick stretch, we meditate. (#NamastéCAKED) You'll walk away feeling uplifted in MIND, BOOTY, and SOUL in this BAKESHOP® exclusive booty band class!

Suggested equipment: CAKEBaker Big BootyBand


A mix of weights and booty bands, this class will put LAYERS on that CAKE. A 45 min class, moving to the pace of the music, you’ll sweat, burn, and build those cakes to perfection! A set of medium weight dumbbells (or something similar) is recommended for full-body + lower body focused class.

Suggested Equipment: CAKEBaker Big BootyBand and a set of medium weight dumbbells 


Fast. HOT. And Sweet! This quick 30 min class is efficient and effective featuring varied HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) layers, in addition to a quick warm up, a 1 min Burn Out, and short cool down to finish it out. Get ready to turn up the HEAT to burn fat, spike your metabolism, and keep those cakes burning for up to 72 hours after! Get it in, get it done, and those cakes will be on the cooling rack before you know it!

Suggested Equipment: CAKE Baker Big Booty Band (with the option of light weights where applicable) 

Sweet Treat Abs + Easy Baked Cakes

A quick treat! This 30 min class is 15 min of abs followed by 15 min of booty work!

Suggested Equipment: CAKE Baker Big Booty Band



BAKESHOP® creator and founder, Katie "Cakes" Wildhagen, has 12yrs experience as a fitness professional, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. Originally from Omaha, NE, she moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue her passion in fitness. She spent 9 yrs with Equinox, soon becoming the 7th ranked personal trainer in the country for the company. With the desire to bring the knowledge and experience she gained as a personal trainer to the group fitness arena, specifically the importance of core and glute function and strength, she founded theBAKESHOP® and theBAKESHOP Menu of Classes.

Through her own journey, having a pacemaker and defibrillator put in after surviving cardiac arrest in her senior year of high school, she has come to understand the importance of not only working on the outside aesthetic, but cultivating the character within, pushing past your perceived limits, and allowing full and unwavering self-love.

Because of this she works from the MIND.BOOTY.SOUL foundational layers, and strives to guide others in connecting with their higher source through fitness, mindful meditative practice, and service to Self and others.


Before I started with theBAKESHOP my knees hurt too bad to even do a squat. I'm so thankful that I can now do squats and so much more, pain free! I’ve wanted to run the Miami marathon for such a long time, and you guys got me there!

Paige G

theBAKESHOP has had me snatched for the past almost 8 months now! Which is the LONGEST I’ve ever stuck with any workout or healthy regime regularly! This shows the quality and importance of theBAKESHOP. I’ve had a long time struggle with acceptance of my body and unhealthy patterns of starvation that I adapted to secure a "look" that I felt I needed to be “beautiful”. The most spectacular thing about theBAKESHOP to me is since I’ve joined, I notice I haven’t been focusing on the physical attributes of my body really at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do stop to look at "the cakes" in the mirror. However, before and after a workout I no longer think about goals I have for my body physically. Instead, I’m excited to do something that makes me feel AMAZING! You’ve created a safe space for women to feel healthy, happy, and supported. I can’t think of anything more important!

Sara R

Hey Katie! Just wanted to share a gym milestone, (because you’re who I think about when working out!) I hit my PR for sumo deadlifts and hip thrusts today (125 lb. on both!) And I honestly could NOT have jumped back into the gym the way I’ve been able to without theBAKESHOP holding me down throughout the pandemic, (and still is on my non-gym days!) So I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you! I’m so grateful for you and theBAKESHOP!

Hala A
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Creator and Founder of the physical and spiritual fitness brand, the BAKESHOP, Katie 'CAKES' Wildhagen is sitting down over a piece of cake to discuss what it takes to build your most delicious life, layer by layer. It’s not always easy (or pretty!), but with the right recipe and all the good ingredients, life can be… A Piece of Cake!

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